Welcome to my adventure.

Welcome to my website guys and girls. In 20 days time I embark on an adventure of a lifetime by going to all 31 NFL stadiums on my “Wrong Shaped Balls Tour”. I will be filming the trip, with the music all my own material, including my soundtrack song “Like a Touchdown”.  I have been planning the trip for the past year and im looking forward to spending some time in each of the cities I visit, not only to watch the games, but to be a tourist, look around a bit, taste the food, drink the beer and especially to meet the fans.  So checkout my schedule and when I come to your town, maybe we can have a beer or even go to the game together? I will be blogging, sending video’s, pictures, my comments, thoughts, high’s, lows (hopefully very few) and even recording a new country song when I get to Nashville on week 6. Its going to be an awesome time over the next 5-6 months. So please follow my posts, interact with me, and give me some good advice or tips when I get to your town, as i’m gonna need all the help I can get as I zig zag across America.

Many thanks

Den (aka D-MO)

The American dream is coming soon!

a529582173ef3512dfdb3fa1e10dff13LogoDM156After more than one year of planning, I’m proud to announce the birth of my new website TheWrongShapedBalls. As a long time soccer fan of the English Premier League, my love has now been transferred to the NFL.

Coming very soon, this Englishman will be trying his best to make his American dream come true watching, filming, blogging, and interacting with fans from all 32 NFL teams. You can follow and interact with me via social media.

Please keep in touch with me on my NFL adventure over the coming season.


Dennis Moss