Stadium 4-Philadelphia Eagles


What a day!! As I was wearing my Dallas Cowboys tee shirt and hat, (against advice not to) I had a very interesting afternoon at Lincoln Financial field. After been scammed by a fake ticket that I bought from Craig’s list (learned a painful lesson) things improved considerably after buying a cheap standing ticket for 55 dollars at the stadium and then trying my luck sitting in the front row of a stand as there were a few empty seats. Nobody turned up so I watched the whole game with a perfect view. So, you win some, lose some! The game itself were pretty poor with so many stop starts with penalties, flags, injuries, etc. But the result was fantastic for me, a one finger salute to all the Eagles fans who gave me a hard time!

Gutted to hear about Romo’s injury, especially as Dez Bryant is also out. My 100% record of watching Cowboys games is still intact. The next Cowboys game I see is in Dallas on week 5 Vs The Patriots. That should be a real test, especially without our two main men.

Stadium 3-Kansas City


I always knew that Kansas City was going to be a very difficult place to get to on my tour, and this proved very true. Many thanks to my couchsurfing host who took me to the stadium and picked me up, as there was hardly any public transport in and out of Arrowhead Stadium. A very slow stop start first half that almost ended 0-0, only for 3 quick touchdowns in the last few minutes of the second quarter. Sadly I had to leave at the end of the 3rd quarter, and that’s where all the fun started! So Denver take the game, but only just on a fumble by Charles. A lovely stadium with very noisy fans and a great atmosphere.

Stadium 2- Washington Redskins

Stadium number 2 in Washington is a stadium I have been to before and see my Dallas Cowboys win at, so I have happy memories of being here, especially as the last time I was here, I got in for free,and in the front row of the second level, what a touch!!! Fed Ex Field is a very big bowl of a stadium, apparently was the biggest stadium until Dallas (typically) stole their thunder and built a bigger one! A beautiful sunny day in DC, I only paid 32 bucks for a ticket, standing right up in the gods, but quickly moved to one of the many empty seats and ended up talking to and sitting with a lovely girl whose boyfriend worked for the club and he quickly moved us onto some much better seats. Washington seems to be my lucky stadium, not just for the freebies, but because the Redskins (my Cowboys closest rivals) lost yet again when I was at the game. This time the visitors were the Miami Dolphins. A low scoring game, not the most exciting I have seen, by two teams who look like they will struggle this year. Was looking forward to seeing RG3, but again my luck with quarterbacks was out, because so was he….on the bench.


Stadium 1-New England Patriots

IMG_0744IMG_0832I Arrive in Boston on Tuesday afternoon, hoping to get over the jet lag before the fun starts, (remember that The East Coast is 5 hours behind UK time) making a 8.30 night game a 1.30am start, aarrrrgghhh! The day before the game I met up with a terrific singer songwriter David Moore, organised by my PR guru Barry Tomes, who showed me around the beautiful area of Concord, 40 mins outside Boston. David gave me a history lesson and tour regarding the 1775 revolution. I was persuaded against my better judgement to play for David’s football (soccer) team. We started at 10pm, 3am in my body. I was so totally knackered and I have not ran around like that for over 10 years. So game day, got myself a ticket, a bit more pricey than I would have liked, but it was not too bad. But everything nearly came crashing down spectacularly at the very first hurdle. I booked a seat on the Patriot train. This is one special train that goes from Boston directly to Gillette stadium and the ONLY public way to get to the stadium. As I waited for the train, an announcement rang out that no bags or backpacks are allowed onto the train or into the stadium. I nearly had a heart attack! It got worse when I was informed that there were no lockers available to leave anything. Being so tired and Jetlagged I left the train station fighting back the tears. How could I possibly miss the first game? But then by complete chance I told some random Pats fan with a bag that he couldn’t take a bag. He and his wife were horrified like me. The man informed me of a shop keeper who has a storage room and he looks after bags for 10 bucks. I almost kissed him! What relief. So I went to the game, which was great. So no taking any bag with me tomorrow in Washington, except for the bags under my eyes! D-Mo.

Let the tour commence

Its been a year in the planning, now the day has finally arrived. Let TheWrongShapedBalls Tour commence. Please follow me as I travel to all 4 corners of the U.S. Watching American Football and trying to crack America with my music. The Beatles did it so why can’t I! Also gonna try to raise some money for Prostate Cancer UK. So please enjoy the next 4-6 months following me on my crazy adventure and I will do my best the entertain you. Wish me luck. Regards D-Mo.