Stadium 13-Indianapolis Colts

Stadium Number 13, Lucas Oil Stadium the home of the Indianapolis Colts. Yet another beautiful stadium and one of my favorites so far. The Colts hosted the New Orleans Saints in a very open and exciting game. The Saints raced into a 27-0 lead early into the second half, but the Colts made an amazing comeback and could have even won the game at the end, only to fumble what would have been a game winning score. The Saints ended up victorious by 27-21. Indianapolis is a lovely little city, nice downtown area, a great canal bike ride as well as a great hostel to stay in named the Indy, who really looked after me.

Stadium 12-Tennessee Titans


L Field was the venue on week 12, the home of the Tennessee Titans, playing the Miami Dolphins. A beautiful sunny day, some delicious brisket from the barbie before the game with my friends, set me up for a good game. A game littered with mistakes, especially from the Titans, and very reminiscent of the Chicago/Raiders game I attended recently where both teams seems like they did not want to win the game. Both teams were guilty of throwing the ball back to their opponents, then getting it back, then throwing it away again, and so on!! But an enjoyable game to watch for me, although I was cheering on the Titans. But I am a lucky mascot for the Dolphins as I have seen them win both their games this season, and I will see them again in week 9 in Buffalo, as well as in Miami when they play my Cowboys on week 11. Lets just hope they don’t win that one!! So had a really nice day here in Nashville.


Stadium 11-New Orleans Saints


Stadium number 11 and what a great stadium, the Mercedes Benz Superdome in New Orleans. Looks like something from outer space and glows beautifully in the evening.  Had a great feed before the game tailgating, which set me up nicely for this divisional derby between the Saints and the Falcons. The Falcons were unbeaten at 5-0 before this game, and I expected them to continue that run. But the Saints had other ideas and dominated the first quarter to race into a good lead of 14-0. Atlanta did attempt to make a comeback and only down to their own errors, let the Saints run away with the scoreline. An exciting game to watch, end to end stuff, with lots of points. A nice evening had by D-Mo.


Stadium 10-Dallas Cowboys


After 9 games, I finally made it to my “holy grail”! And I was not disappointed, at least not by the stadium! The AT+T stadium is simply an amazing piece of engineering. With a screen almost as long as the field itself the AT+T is somewhere you really should visit once in your life. Met some great people at a tailgate set up for me by my friends at the UK Cowboys fan club, especially CY who was running the show as he has been doing for many years. The game ended up being a personal disaster as a Cowboys fan whohas never seen his team lose, but this time we did, and it was a proper drubbing. Shame I never had the chance to experience a Dallas touchdown in this magnificent stadium, but due to the absence f yet another star quarterback (the 3rd one I have missed) Tony Romo, and our top wide receiver Dez Bryant, it was always going to be an uphill struggle for the Cowboys. without our number 1 quaterback Romo, this Dallas team look so week and scared going forward, with backup quarterback Brandon Weeden not looking up to the task at all. So I fear for my team and I have to be honest and say a play off spot is going to be a lot to ask for this year.

Stadium 9-Houston Texans


Had a great time before the game tailgating with some really nice Texans fans who fed, watered and looked after me before the game with the Indianapolis Colts. Top guys. Yet again a star player was missing from the starting line up, this time Colts quarterback Andrew Luck.The NRG stadium was probably my favorite so far, very big and spacious, reminded me of Wembley Stadium in London. The game itself was pretty much men against boys in the first half, until Houston, with the last play of the half threw a “hail Mary”, which miraculously got caught, something some people may never see in their lives watching the NFL. But just as the Texans were trying to get back into the game the Colts moved up a gear and finished off the game. I think its going to be another hard season for the Texans.

Stadium 8-Chicago Bears


Soldier Field was another stadium that I was looking forward to going to, again because of the history. Surprisingly Soldier Field is one of the smaller stadiums in the NFL, a surprise to me in America’s 3rd biggest city. A very nice stadium on the inside, very ugly on the outside, the game against the Oakland Raiders was a game of mistakes. It looked like both teams did not want to win this game. But overall for me, a neutral fan, it was an exciting game. There were many Raiders fans around the stadium making lots of noise and wearing some incredible outfits. Raiders fans are very passionate about their team, even though they are not very good!! To be honest, both teams were very poor and neither will make the play offs if they play anything like this. I was well pleased to see the Bears win with the last kick of the game. Cutler, you got out of jail!!

Stadium 7-Pittsburgh Steelers


Went to the Pittsburgh derby game with the Ravens with my friend, referee and Pittburgh season ticket holder Bruce. So he was screaming every call and play!!! Had a great seat sitting with him and overall it was a good game, which I felt the Steelers should have won and threw, or kicked away!! The game went into overtime and the Ravens eventually won, but I think they were very lucky indeed and they look a poor team to me. Shame that Roethlisburger did not play, as I was looking forward to seeing how good he was in person. Did not see much of Pittsburgh, but I did sample their famous Premantis sandwich, which was delicious.

Stadium 6-Green Bay Packers


I was always looking forward to going to Lambeau Field with its history. A very old stadium that has kept its tradition and a very different looking stadium to the bling look from most of the others that I have been too. A high scoring game, the Packers were always in control and they look superbowl bound to me with the Patriots. Only a short pit stop in Green Bay, so I have no idea what else this town had to offer. But the fans were great and their love of cheese is very different to how I feel about the ghastly stuff….YUK!!!

Stadium 5-Minnesota Vikings


A beautiful sunny day in Minneapolis to watch the Vikings thrash the Chargers with Adrian Peterson on fire!! I loved the Vikings fans and the way they dress in crazy uniforms and paint their faces, just lovely people. Minneapolis is a great place, very laid back and really a lovely place. But not in the winter!!!!!