Play off Game 1-Pittsburgh Steelers @ Cincinnati Bengals

This was a game I was really looking forward to, and it did not disappoint….at all!! Back in Cincy with my good friends and Bengals Superfan Shawn “Who  Dey” Moore, I got my warpaint on and become a Bengal for the night. On a night of terrible weather, the first half, where I sat up in the nose bleeds (top tier), the game was totally forgettable, with the Steelers leading 6-0 with 2 field goals. The 2nd half was a totally different game, as the Bengals had to chase the game.  I came down from the clouds to stand with my friend “Who Dey” but this did not seem to help the Bengals, as  the 3rd quarter the Steelers led 15-0, and the game looked over as we approached the final 15 mins. Then the game completely exploded into life with the Bengals making a great comeback to race into a 16-15 lead. Then it was Bengal dreamland as with less than 2 mins left o the clock, they intercepted a Steelers pass and the game looked over. With 1.32 left on the clock and deep into Steeler territory, the Bengals fumbled and gave the Steelers another chance. What a cock up! But it got even worse. Two terrible pieces of indiscipline by the Bengals defense gave away two 15 yard penalties to give the Steelers field goal range, which they accepted and successfully kicked. Complete heartbreak for the Bengals with 10 seconds remaining against their deadly rivals. What a final quarter, probably the best and most tense on my entire tour. Poor Bengals!


Bengals stadium 3 D-Mo and Who Dey 2

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