Stadium 31-San Francisco


I did it!!! I made it to the 31st and final stadium in the regular season, something I will treasure forever!! The Levi Stadiums, home to Superbowl 50 is not an easy place to get to from downtown San Francisco, a 2 train and 2 hours  ride, which wont make it an easy place to get to next month. So with the sun shining, but freezing cold winds, I made my way to the stadium. Without a ticket, no scalpers were around, but i managed to bag a 150 dollars ticket for 50 bucks, so yet another success!!! The game was a bit of a non event for me, other than I wanted to keep my 100% record of watching the Rams win. Sadly this did not happen. The low scoring game was not the best I have seen on this tour as the game went into overtime, with the 49ers edging out the victory. The 2 hours ride back was a pain, but I got back to San Fran for the second half of the late game between the Packers and the Vikings. Up next is the play offs, next stop Cincinnati. Mission accomplished.

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